Hymns are a special part of our family's life.  Generations of family members have included musicians and choral singers.  We sang in the car on family trips, and still enjoy singing at family gatherings.  

There's a beautiful song by Cynthia Clawson called "Hymns" on her "Hymnsinger" album that puts in words why hymns are so special to us.  They point the way to God who reaches out to humanity in our joys and sorrows of life.

I know their words

Their thoughts reflecting simple truth

Of testimonies rich in love

Their eyes can see

The mystery of loving kindness

Of chains and blindness torn away

Power found in each new day

The Lord's compassion on display

His touch from Heaven above

Gave words to speak their love


Click here for links to Cynthia Clawson's album and the complete lyrics.